View Full Version : Drawknives

Brad Reiter
02-09-2010, 10:15 AM
Looking for a general purpose drawknife, first timer here, mainly for peeling bark off logs. Should it be straight, curved, something else?

Thoughts, opinions.


Steve Vaughan
02-09-2010, 7:14 PM
Brad, I don't use them much, but I have several, and have used them on occasion. But for your purpose, I'd imagine that you'd want to use a straight one.

Doug Roper Chairmaker
02-11-2010, 10:05 AM
As you mentioned, drawknives come in several forms. I would recommend for your first knife that one with a straight blade and fixed handles would be best. They are easier to sharpen and available for reasonable prices at local flea markets or on eBay ($15-$25). There are many good knives but some I am fond of are: Pexto, Worth, PS&W, Fulton, KeenKutter, Witherby, Greenlee, and James Swan. I would recommend a knife in the 7-8 inch size with tight handles, no nicks or chips in the cutting edge and no series rust issues. Blade staining or discoloration is normal in older knives and not a concern. Properly sharpened, drawknives are razor sharp and any rust pitting or nicks/chips in the cutting edge could make for a long afternoon of sharpening.

Feel free to contact me with any questions…Doug