View Full Version : Huge problem *need help asap*

Chris Conger
02-04-2010, 3:15 PM
I am using an Epilog Helix 75W 24x18 laser. Right now I am having a problem where during the engraving process the machine decides to send the information off to the right or left, miss-aligning the rest of the image or text.

Here is a picture of my problem. And it seems to be getting worse happening maybe 5-6 times every job...and I mean every job. It is an intermittent happening as I can get maybe the first 1-2 jobs done then the rest of the day its hit or miss but mostly missing.

Here you go.

Scott Shepherd
02-04-2010, 3:36 PM
Fastest way is to call Epilog. They are open and it's free. It could be several things and they'll walk you through the process to make sure they narrow it down to the right thing. Could be as simple as a dirty encoder strip or a bad ribbon cable. They'll walk you through that.

Chris Conger
02-04-2010, 4:06 PM
I have cleaned the clear information strip as well as the decoder strip all to no avail. Now I did just switch sides for the decoder strip, end that was in the laser head is now in the board on the rail. The problem has gone away, but has come back as well. I have done this before which helps for a little bit but then the problem comes back (usually taking a good couple of weeks to show itself again but now it's happening every couple of jobs). I have ordered a new clear information strip as well as a new decoder strip (Both recommended by Epilog but unsure if that's the problem). Epilog has walked me through it, but seems like new parts may be the only way to fix this, but the problem there is what is the problem the USB cord (Epilog said it could be), the decoder strip (Epilog), the clear strip (Epilog), the file itself. Its a lot to diagnose before ordering parts, but the two strips are on their way. Lets hope it will fix this.

Like I said right now the decoder strip sides have been swapped. I have done this many times per before (problem has been ongoing for 1 year) Epilog and the problem comes back. So now I ordered new parts. If anything comes up to narrow down this problem please let me know.

Dan Hintz
02-04-2010, 5:40 PM
It doesn't make sense to swap the cable more than once. The first time you swap it due to broken wires, you're using new wires... the ones on the first side are still broken.

Dave Yanke
02-04-2010, 6:50 PM
I have a ULS however they were very insistent when I went to class in Arizona to use a USB printer cable no longer than 6 feet adn never have the computer running anything else during the job. While I risked the former and got a high quality 10 foot cable and have not had problems, I have adhered to the later to the extent that laser is hooked to a computer used solely for engraving.

The problems they described included what you are experiencing. Could either of these be happening?

Mike Null
02-05-2010, 7:12 AM

I operate two engravers, 3 printers and right now have 7 windows open on my primary computer. Now I agree it may be a little faster if it were dedicated but it is totally unnecessary.

I also use a 10 foot cable for the laser, a parallel for one printer, ethernet for one engraver and one printer and usb for one printer/fax.

Usually not more than two pieces of equipment are running at one time.