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Glen Peters
10-23-2004, 11:33 AM
Earlier this month I attended a Laser Clinic sponsored by the ARA in Lafayette, La.
The progrm consisted of:
Fri evening- Laserable materials and techniques with demos using a laser.
Sat AM: Corel Draw starting with the basics and taking a project from an idea to a finished product to be sent to the laser.
Sat PM: Trade show with vendors.
Sun AM: Presentation about operating the business. (I was not able to attend this session)

I found the weekend to be one well spent, time and money wise. The presenters were all very proficient, were always asking for questions from attendees with emphasis that there are no dumb questions. Attendees expertise ranged from old timers with many years of experince to those who are in the process of purchasing their first laser. I learned a lot and found that I have a lot more to learn. There was something for everyone.

I recommend that anyone who has just recently purchased a laser or is thinking about getting one attend one of these clinics.

Has anyone attended one of these events and what is your reaction?

The clinics are held in various places all over the US and sponsored by the ARA as well as other organizations. Laserbits' web site has a list of clinics with dates, location and contact info. Click on Clinics/Shows.


Keith Outten
10-23-2004, 12:13 PM
Aaron and I went to the LaserBits clinic about six months after I purchased my laser engraver. We found that we had already exceeded the entry level of the clinic but we did enjoy the weekend and there was a lot that could be learned from the other people in the program. Those who had laser businesses that were already profittable were a wealth of information and seemed more than willing to share their knowledge.