View Full Version : Can I buy more power???

Cassondra Bennett
01-27-2010, 9:22 AM
Not really sure how to ask this question.....I have a 25 watt laser and I am wondering is there a way to make it more than 25 watts? upgrade something.....add something......wave a magic wand and say the right words???
or is a 25 watt all that it will ever be able to be? and in order to have more power I will need another machine??

Peck Sidara
01-27-2010, 9:34 AM

Most manufacturers offer some sort of upgrade in power options. If you're not jumping too much in power (25W to 40W or 50W), it's possible only the laser tube needs to be swapped out. If you're jumping from 25Watts to 60 or 75Watts, then the power supply & cooling fans/panel may also need to be swapped out.

I'd recommend contacting your local rep to see what options they offer.
Keep in mind that some models are only available up to a certain wattage so if you're looking for a big power jump, you may have to consider trading in or buying a larger, more powerful laser.