View Full Version : HNT Gordon planes

John Edwards
03-29-2003, 10:14 PM
Does anyone have any comments on these Aussie made planes ?

They offer several differnt styles and choices of woods. With what seems to be a pretty fair price. Good, thick irons. The high 60 degree angle on the smoother is appealing.

John Wadsworth
03-30-2003, 9:51 AM
I've fondled one but never used one.

They look and feel great, and I've heard others say they work fine, too--but that I can't comment on.

Chris Knight
04-01-2003, 6:58 AM
I have a smoother in ebony - works great. I use it for planing difficult woods and it handles those with ease. I like the way it slides so easily over the workpiece - almost frictionless.

It is very well made and beautifully finished. The iron is a monster (a full 1/4 inch thick).

Doug Littlejohn
04-01-2003, 5:13 PM
I have one of their 3/4" shoulder planes and it is very well made. I have yet to use it alot, but enjoyed the limited use I have had with it.

Andrew Fairbank
04-02-2003, 5:37 AM
Hi John,

I use one regularly. They work a treat on all wood, but especially figured wood, burl or really cranky grain.

I've yet to have a tearout problem with them.

I know the maker (Terry Gordon) from a couple of discussions and through a mutual acquaintance. He's very knowledgeable and competent in handplane use, I suppose Australia's version of Steve Knight.

They're a plane I couldn't recommend highly enough.