View Full Version : 10 rules of jointer + friends

jerry nazard
01-24-2010, 4:55 AM
11. The more "payment" you consume, the better the jointer looks. ;)

Van Huskey
01-24-2010, 5:20 AM
1. Never let a friend buy a cheap jointer
2. Never trust a friend when he says its all put together
3. Never trust a friend to understand what a REAL straight edge is
4. Never trust a friend when he says he has a TRUE square
5. Never leave home without a straght edge and square
6. Never expect an aluminum extrusion to be remotely flat
7. Never tell a friend how important jointer setup really is
8. All jointers that have anything remotely similar to a gib screw are defective by design
9. Never drink your "payment" as you set up a jointer it WILL take longer than it should
10. Take solice in the fact cheap jointer only have 2 knives