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Ray Rouleau
12-05-2009, 6:29 PM
Hello Creakers, I've found myself in a dilema yet again. I'm trying to reproduce the attached logo for a new customer who wants this on a X-mas gift but because of the poor quality have had no success cleaning it up I have tried the trace tool but am not satified with the result. I was wondering if anyone new what font was used to produce this, I'm thinking a modified Bauhaus. Anybody

Bill Cunningham
12-05-2009, 8:50 PM
The one on this page from their website might be a bit larger..

Cruising around their website might produce a better one..

Zsolt Paul
12-05-2009, 10:27 PM
If you only want to trace and magnifiy the text only, then you can try this. You should be able to select the text on in Photoshop by either selecting ONLY the color of the font or by a number of similar methods. Place it in a new layer (new layer via cut). Select the text again in the new layer (you should see the letters outlined with the selection) then you can feather or smooth the selection by 2 or more pixels. Fill with 100% black. after that you should be able to enlarge it and maitian a smooth edge. alternatively, you can try live trace in Illustrator CS2 and up I believe.

Mike Null
12-06-2009, 8:32 AM

The logo can be created in CorelDraw. Not easy but have a look at this guy's tutorials and you may find some help.


Joseph B. Chritz
12-06-2009, 9:04 AM
A better quality logo can be found at fastcousa.

Maybe a better starting point.

Sergio Arze
12-06-2009, 9:16 AM
do you need to engrave the image or does it need to be in vector form?

Dave Russell Smith
12-06-2009, 3:26 PM
My take on the logo, got bored :o

Ray Rouleau
12-06-2009, 6:17 PM
My take on the logo, got bored :o

Wow Dave that's amazing, may ask how?

Dave Russell Smith
12-06-2009, 7:17 PM
I took Sergio's image ran it through PSP and incresed the dpi and then saved it as PNG file, I then ran it through the trace feature in Corel X4 and refined the Final image. Been out of work since March :( so I've had plenty of time on my hands to practice :D