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Dmitriy Kumets
12-04-2009, 3:02 PM
I was at Utrecht (art supply store) and saw that they had a brand new cabinet of a premium spray paint and the sales guy couldn't stop gushing about it so figured I'd try it and post a mini-review.

I tried the orange-red last night on some mirrored acrylic and vinyl mask over clear acrylic.

What: Montana Gold Spray Paint
Cost: ~$8.29/can - almost twice as much as krylon fusion
Their promises:
- 91 colors
Quite amazing to be able to get just the right color in a spray paint! The store seemed to have a dizzying array of colors and I stood there for 20 minutes comparing the shelf of 'orange' trying to decide whether I wanted power orange, power orange light, bright orange, orange red... you get the idea Compared to krylon fusion and rustoleum universal, obvious win. Their website has a pdf to download (http://montana-spraypaint.com/)
- Fast drying
15 minutes dry to the touch on acrylic. Love that. No description of how long the curing takes but it seemed to be off gassing a tiny bit a few hours later. Then again it also dried flat matte and didn't scratch off.
- Drip-free / Variable spray-width/Virtually no overspray
While it's more precise than the standard spray nozzle it's not magic. My gloves were spotless after use which is great. There were a few specks outside the spray area so I would still use some painter's tape to keep it professional. It doesn't have the control of airbrushing from what I've seen but I only had the medium spray head and will try to get the fine head today.
- 100% weatherproof
Not a clue. I was trying it indoors but will set a piece out to see how it reacts to San Francisco fog.

-Twice the coverage
Couldn't test but we'll see

- Practically odor free / CFC - free

'Practically' is a word I don't like. It claims to be VOC free which is great and is a good selling point if you're going to use it on glass or wood (as eco-friendly). I sprayed indoors with windows closed and while there were far less fumes than any other spray paint, it was far from odor free. Opening up the window and turning on the fan for the 10-15 minutes drying time it was just fine and I could really see myself not having to do this outside/in a paint booth.

Other thoughts:
The coverage was uniform and it really stuck to the acrylic well. Looking through the clear acrylic you could not see any imperfections or and it was totally opaque a single coat! Testing with a vinyl mask the paint did not chip or peel and left a clean edge.

Is it worth the extra price?
For me yes, but it is not the holy grail it promises to be. When something claims odor free I imagine artist acrylic paint rather than a less stinky spray paint. I would typically use fusion for big pieces or two coats of art acrylic paint on glass and acrylic and so far it yields the best results with the least amount of time and most uniform coverage. Color pallet is a big plus since it yields more repeatable results than mixing arcylics and more choice than spray.

John Noell
12-04-2009, 11:28 PM
You're not alone (http://www.sawmillcreek.org/showthread.php?t=108909&highlight=montana+paint).

Dmitriy Kumets
12-05-2009, 12:11 AM
Doh! Sorry for the double post and thanks for referencing the original. I guess I'm 6 months late to the party :)

Side note: If anyone is close to an Utrecht store (and high chance you would be as they are around art schools) the cashiers were giving out a $10 off $50 purchase coupons. Got myself a can of silver chrome to play with as a freebie.