View Full Version : Corel (temp file full)

Brian Robison
12-02-2009, 7:25 PM
Anyone ever have a problem saving a file.:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:
Lots of work down the drain!!!

Brian Robison
12-02-2009, 9:25 PM
How do I make more room in my temp file? Does it need emptying once in a while?

Scott Shepherd
12-02-2009, 9:29 PM

Brian Robison
12-02-2009, 9:35 PM
So I can delete all my temp files?

Mike Null
12-03-2009, 7:17 AM

Temp files should be cleared. If you're talking about Corel files you should have a folder for saving those files and a folder for back ups. You can set that up within Corel under the tools tab so that all back ups are stored in the folder you designate.