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Steve Clarkson
12-01-2009, 7:49 AM
Does anyone have this Civilian Affairs logo in vector format? Or something close in case I need to re-draw it? Or know where I can find vector military logos in general.....seems like each unit has their own.

I checked Brands of the World, and the DefenseLink one mentioned in previous posts.....but they only seem to have the main logos.

Yes, the customer gave me a picture of this logo......1"x1" in black and white! I was atleast able to find this one on Google.


William Desrochers
12-01-2009, 9:27 AM
If you can't find anything, give me a shout.... ;)

Brian Robison
12-01-2009, 4:35 PM
sent you an e mail. Close but not exact.

Steve Clarkson
12-01-2009, 4:42 PM
It's perfect.....thanks! I can add the text.....that's the easy part!

Brian Robison
12-01-2009, 4:46 PM
I think there are some other parts missing too.