View Full Version : Optima woodburner

Dave Lehnert
11-30-2009, 12:07 AM
Yet another wood burner question.

Was all ready to pull the trigger on a Colwood. But a lady at work has the Optima 1 Dual and loves it. She is going to let me try it out. Guess that is the one I will get now but wanted to get any and all opinions.

From my research it seems all brands are good. Hard to go wrong with any.

Mike Minto
11-30-2009, 2:22 PM
dave, i recently purchased a colwood unit, along with a fixed-tip pen, a replaceable-tip pen and some tips - for my use, which i simply signing and lightly decorating turned wood, it has been great. fast heat, mostly good construction - the 'standard' wire from the unit to pen does get a little warm, however - i would say get a heavy one, at least 14ga on whatever unit you end up with. hope this helps.

Dave Lehnert
02-27-2010, 9:56 PM

I got overloaded with some shop projects for friends and the wood-burner got put on the back burner.

Just wanted to check again on the likes/ dislikes on the Optima 1 Dual wood burner. I got to use one. Worked good I guess but nothing to compare it to. Lifetime warranty but not too concerned with a problem. it's a woodburner not a DVD player.

The other unit on my list is the Colwood super pro two burner. http://www.woodburning.com/toolshop/detail.asp?iPro=165&iType=17 . I noticed on that one the units has one side "detail" and the other side "heavy duty" is the output less on one side than the other?

Price is the same on each.