View Full Version : glass ornaments

Lori Molitor
11-20-2009, 9:46 PM
Has anyone engraved on any glass christmas bulb ornaments? I am having a problem with them cracking. I have an epilog mini 45 watt.
I have tried many different settings. Any help would be great.

Darryl Hazen
11-21-2009, 8:40 AM

We've been able to do them with a setting of 45 Speed/ 15 power on a 45W Epilog.

Andrea Weissenseel
11-22-2009, 6:14 AM
Darryl, are you doing them flat or in the rotary ?

I'm having good result with the focus about 2mm beside the highest point and using 80% black for fillcolor.


Darryl Hazen
11-22-2009, 1:33 PM
I am doing them by resting them in a fixture to keep them from moving, focusing on the highest point and then jogging the table up twice so as to compensate for the curvature of the ornament. I have never tried to use the rotary attachment on these.