View Full Version : PLS6.60 XYcoornidate moves .010

Eric Seest
11-16-2009, 8:57 PM
About two weeks ago I had some major problems with my PLS6.60 (lost motherboard & Z axis sensor board) now when I manually move X or Y it moves .010" every time I press the buttons on the control panel & computer. It used to move .001" when I did this prior to the parts being replaced. I also updated the driver to the latest and greatest; can't seem to be able to go back to the old driver, the laser and the computer will not connect with the old driver. Tried changing the XY axis like the Z axis but it doesn't do anything. Does anyone have any suggestions? Been working with service but no solution has been reached yet so I thought someone else might have a different idea.

Dan Hintz
11-17-2009, 6:34 AM
Going back to an earlier driver is a crapshoot, at best... the latest would not let me roll back to the prior version and still connect to the laser.

My Z-axis has always moved 7-10 mils per button press, and I've found no way to change it (never paid that close of attention to the X-/Y-axis increment). Supposedly you can press the left/right arrow keys and select the digit you want to increment/decrement, but I've never figured out how to do that, either.

Tony Lenkic
11-17-2009, 3:05 PM

There was a discussion on another forum about this same problem, however the other person originally had 0.010 and with new driver adjustment changed to 0.001. His complaint was that every time he was changing the focal point the increments were to small and it would take for ever to focus. He contacted ULS and was told that the driver he had was wrong (bug in it) and he got new driver with 0.010 steps, so what you have now must be correct driver according to ULS.

John Volkmar
11-18-2009, 6:20 AM
Hi Eric, one work-around, is to open your UPC and select Focus View from the drop down menu then press the GO button. You can actually type a value for any X,Y or, Z cooridnate you wish to move to.