View Full Version : Another Acrylic Braclet

Mike Moffitt
11-12-2009, 9:57 AM
Kerri has liked this idea so much she made another one for our sister-in-law who is a big photographer. And just for the fun of it, we made her a little camera necklace too!

Dee Gallo
11-12-2009, 10:53 AM
Great looking bracelet and such a cute camera. Your sister-in-law will love it!

Do you ever have any problems with the paint peeling from the heating process? How do you do it anyway - oven, hot water, heat gun?

Thanks for posting, dee

Mike Moffitt
11-12-2009, 9:22 PM
We use a small convection oven that we were using to heat our coffee mugs when we were trying to do color laser transfers. We heat it at 200 degrees for 4 minutes, then pull them out with a glove and wrap them around a small can or bottle. So far we haven't had any problems with it flaking or scratching. As a matter of fact, it appears that the oven bakes the paint and makes it harder...I tried a scratch test and it wouldn't scratch off easily. But it is somewhat fragile because if you try to bend it too much it will snap.

Jerry Hewett
11-14-2009, 10:08 AM

Very nice work!

What paint are you using for painting the acrylic?

Mike Moffitt
11-15-2009, 2:11 AM
Just the cheapo Wal-Mart black $.99 spray paint...nothing fancy...