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Zsolt Paul
11-11-2009, 11:33 PM
I have searched the forum and read a lot of color fill posts. However, I can't seem to find answers to my question. What is the best way to color fill a MULTI COLOR image on granite? I had tried acrylic paint. It works somewhat, but not the results I was looking for. Most of the paint comes out of the engraving when trying to remove access. granite engraves very shallow, that's why the paint comes out when wiping, but htere must be a way to do it and be left with nice bright colors.
Printers ink would stay the best, but its so thick, it is difficult (more like impossible) to do an intricate multi color image with ethe colors being so close to each other.

Please give me your best suggestion for multi color fill in granite. Thanks!

Dan Hintz
11-12-2009, 6:52 AM
Lithichrome paints are designed for that. If you go with printers ink, thin it down 50/50.

Chuck Patterson
11-12-2009, 5:53 PM
Try this company for Lithichrome.

You will need to order Lithichrome Solvent too. This is to remove the paint from your brushes, tools, etc.

Zsolt Paul
11-12-2009, 10:41 PM
What I would like to do is engrave onto black granite (polished), color fill, let dry then wipe off. For example a floral design where lots of colors are right next to each other. So, b/c these colors are next to each other, can't really wipe off WET b/c the color would go into the neighboring color. So drying it then removing the excess would be key. I am pretty sure that printers ink, even after letting it dry, during buffing off the excess, colors would bleed into each other, wouldn't they?
Would lithichrome be able to used like this? so, again, the idea would be:
1: engrave
2: color fill all colors
3: let dry
4: remove excess paint / color; goals: without bleeing into other colors, easy removal.

I suspect putting some wax on the tile before engraving would help remove excess...

Masking off one color at at a time wouldn't be practical in such a detailed multi colored design.

Brian Jacobs
11-12-2009, 11:43 PM
Hard to suggest without seeing a picture. Can we see one? Sounds like lots of colors and blends. Is is possible to engrave the piece, then hand paint? I've seen some very striking pieces done in this manner. If one isn't so artistically inclined, maybe you could grab a local artist?

Dan Hintz
11-13-2009, 6:25 AM
One option (though it will kill your time) is to mask, etch one color, fill, then clean. Mask, etch the second color, fill, clean. Repeat.

Belinda Williamson
11-13-2009, 8:29 AM
Jackie McGowan posted some beautiful color filled pieces a while back. I searched but couldn't find the thread. She and Dee Gallo tried a number of different methods. Both ladies are very nice, and helpful, and I'm sure they wouldn't mind if sent a PM.

Harlan Kilbourn
11-13-2009, 9:57 AM
Here is the link to the colored granite magic of Jackie McGowan and others.


Belinda Williamson
11-13-2009, 10:12 AM
Thanks for locating the thread. :)

Zsolt Paul
11-13-2009, 10:57 PM
Thanks for all your replies. Hand painting will def be the way to go on a bouquet for instance, b/c many of the color weave in and out / between each other and would be impossible to mask each color. The water color pencis Jackie was using sound interesting. I don't like the fact that the colors can wash out though, wonder if sealing it would solve that?

I will try the armor all trick or wax and see if the acrylic paint i was having such a hard time with would be easier to remove that way, after hand painting and letting it dry.

James Stokes
11-14-2009, 8:55 AM
In my experiance with multicolor color fills the trick is to hand paint by putting on a little paint with a brush then use a cloth to just blot the fresh paint.

Lee DeRaud
11-14-2009, 10:27 AM
Off-the-wall idea: anybody tried using colored Sharpies (or similar markers)?

Ken Smith
11-15-2009, 2:51 PM
Oddly enough, I was doing this yesterday (11/14/09). I've used water based dye sharpies on HD absolute black. They worked well for staing the exposed granite darker with a tint, however, being dye based, I would expect the color to fade within 12 months. I also tried the oil paint based sharpies, I got very little absorbtion in to my stone though. I wouldn't call either one a success.


Zsolt Paul
11-15-2009, 8:47 PM
In my experiance with multicolor color fills the trick is to hand paint by putting on a little paint with a brush then use a cloth to just blot the fresh paint.

James, what kind of paint do you use? Acrylic?

James Stokes
11-16-2009, 12:34 AM
I have used the acrylic enamels with pretty good luck.