View Full Version : Power carving turnings

Jon McElwain
11-03-2009, 4:11 PM
So, I've been turning bowls and hollow forms for a while and have begun carving them to add that next level of creativity, challenge, detail, etc. The traditional carving I have been doing has been fun, but I think I'd like to add power carving to the mix. I've looked at some of the power carvers/grinders by Proxxon, Arbortech, Foredom, Weecher, Dremel, NSK Presto, Living Art, etc.etc.etc... Anyway, I'm leaning towards a 2" mini grinder for quick stock removal, and some sort of small flexible shaft or air powered carving tool for piercings and fine details. There are a lot of choices out there. So, 3 questions;

1)What's your favorite mini grinder (around 2")?

2)What's your favorite 1/8" collet or smaller power carver?

3) Do you prefer air (dental style), or electric motor for the power carver?

Thanks for your input!!