View Full Version : Wood Spirits and faces

Phillip Bogle
10-07-2009, 11:55 PM
I am looking into some more tools for carving. What brand and sizes are you using for the wood spirits or walking stick sized faces? I bought a set of Ramelsons and really don't like them. I have some H/T Acorn larger sizes but on walking sticks it is awkward handling. I feel like I am hunting squirrels with a howitzer.

Do the eye punches work? or just a good sounding idea?

I have never been able to do the elegant fine detail cuts that I see in work like some of you have posted. Is it the tools or the wood? I have been practicing in basswood.

Any tips is appreciated.

Chuck Nickerson
10-08-2009, 12:44 PM
Tools with smaller (narrower) cutting edges do make it easier to cut small details, as do tools thinner in cross-section. There's always someone who can carve a scene in a toothpick using only a 2" gouge, but that's not normal.

For small detail, wood can make a difference. There's a trade-off between a wood's ability to hold detail and its ease of carving. Basswood represents one point on that trade-off line. That's why some people got to the trouble of carving boxwood: it's not easy, but holds detail much better. I've read Northern basswood is slower growing, and therefore holds detail better. YMMV. To isolate the wood issue, try carving a piece of Corian.

I look forward to others' posts on the eye punches. I've had my eye on a set or two, but would also like some feedback first.