View Full Version : Vinyl/Aluminum Soffit & Fascia

Jerry Solomon
03-24-2003, 5:53 PM
I have a 25 year old brick veneer home with a hip roof. There is a 22" overhang with plywood soffit and wood fascia. There is also a strip of 1"x 2" (nominal) nailed to the top of the fascia board to (I assume) act as a drip edge. There is no metal drip edge. There is a piece of cove molding at the brick wall to finish the soffit on that side. I am interested in installing either vinyl or aluminum soffit and fascia and have a few questions: (1) should I use vinyl for the soffit and aluminum for the fascia - if so can I get the colors to match?; (2) Should I remove the 1x2 from the top of the fascia before installing the covering?; (3) I have noticed a lot of new homes being built in this area with clad fascias - they have a projection at the upper portion of the fascia about the size of a 1x2 - is this just a break in the fascia cladding covering an underlying 1x2 serving a s a drip edge?; (4) where can I find details of how to install the best combination of materials

Tony Laros
03-24-2003, 7:08 PM
Jerry, I would use aluminum for both soffits and facia. A span of 22" will show sags in vinyl. Depending on the condition of the plywood, either remove it all, or remove sections and use perforated soffit material for better venting. The 1x2 strip at the top of the facia is a nice detail as an extra reveal, but will probably require seperate cladding unless you're good with a break. If you decide to remove it you should install an aluminum drip edge under the first row of shingles.