View Full Version : Etching/paint filling those fake leather photo albums

Shaddy Dedmore
09-16-2004, 4:00 PM
I remember seeing a pic posted here of an etched album, they did it through tape then painted it gold.

I looked for it, but I must have been searching for the wrong words.


I bought a book from the local craft warehouse. First, I used too much power and went through the outer layer (the center part of my "O"'s fell out). And then when I spray painted, the paint leached under the making tape.

Now that I inadvertantly created a practice piece, I can figure out the power settings, but what about the tape? I think when the laser burns through the paper mask I'm using, it heats and curls the edges a little bit. It also might be the Texture of the leather, and the masking I'm using can't seal the little grooves.

Any tips for a better paint mask? (unless I need a different paint, whatever will work)


Keith Outten
09-16-2004, 10:05 PM

I started a thread and a picture of photo albums I engraved awhile back. The albums I use are very smooth texture and I use standard paper mask tape and use a small roller to make sure the mask is evenly aplied. On my 35 watt Epilog model 24 I use a speed of 90 and a power setting of 90. I use a very fast drying gold paint (Krylon) and mist on the first coat, after ten minutes a second light coat is applied.

Here is the link to my original thread;

The albums are purchased locally from Sam's CLub. They are European Bonded Leather, style #bta-204s2 made by Pioneer Photo Albums Inc.