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mike wallis
09-15-2004, 2:21 AM
It seems that when your looking something you can never find it. I've done quite a few searches and can't seem to find any quality decorative borders AKA "Foo Foo". To be more specific scaleable corner borders and decorative header and footer borders.
Thanks for any help,

Shaddy Dedmore
09-15-2004, 2:32 AM
How much dough you got?
Vector Art Mega Collections (http://www.vectorart.com/)

But there are tons of other clipart collections out there too.

You can buy the whole collection that comes with a printed book, or buy individual ones for 1.00 The website lets you look at every pic.

"Borders" work, as well as "pinstriping" for what you wanted.

Keith Outten
09-15-2004, 9:22 AM

Besides the Corel Draw art work I have a set of CD's that I purchased years ago that has over 100,000 pieces of clip art. The clip art is mostly black and white and wasn't usable for the original purpose but has some really nice engraving art.

If you visit a Barnes and Noble bookstore check out the Dover Clip Art series of books. Many of their books contain the art work on CD. You can visit their web site at the following url but believe me it is much easier to view their books at a store then their web site.


Glen Peters
09-15-2004, 10:26 AM
If you are using Corel draw you may want to check the disks that came with it. I'm using Corel 11 and on disk 3 is a folder of clipart. Under that is a folder of borders. Disk 3 also contains a folder called frames that you may want to check out.
If you have Microsoft Office installed on your computer you have a ton of clipart, a lot of which is in the vector ".wmf" format. The typical location on your hard drive is C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Clipart. I found the best way to view what is there is to open a blank Word document, then click on "Insert", "Picture", Clip Art". In the search box type in whatever you are looking for (borders) and you will get a thumbnail of 20 clips. Scroll down to the bottom and click on :Keep Looking" for the next 20. When you find one you like Right Click on it and select Clip Properties. Note format of the clip (wmf is vector) and if you want to use it write down the file name and Catalog Path. Then open Corel Draw and Import the file. I found that Copying and Pasting dosen't work, i.e. it dosen't retain the vector format.
Don't find what you want when browsing the clip art you can click on Clips Online which will take you to Microsoft's site. There is a lot more that you can download for free.

mike wallis
09-16-2004, 6:42 PM
Thanks for the info everyone. From all the good leads im starting to find more of what im looking for. I really liked the pricing on the site that Shaddy recomended. Not really th full CD price but the individual pricing of a $1.00. 90% of the art on the CD's i've got so far is kinda cartoonish. It's probibly ment more towards web develpment and flyers.

Thanks again,