View Full Version : Chisel Organization

Doug Mason
09-11-2009, 7:13 PM
I have racks on my wall for my carving chisel storage--but that is of little help when I need them close at hand.


I suppose due to my inexperience I use alot of chisels when carving--and despite my best efforts to keep them organized they always get all cluttered up and bang into each other (and it drives me nuts!!!). So when I saw a chisel holder by Eugene Landon from FWW--I decided to copy it as per below.


It has a dado right where the steel meets the handle so my fingers can grab it easily--and I'm going to drill a small hole in it to hang from the wall when not in use. It holds 22 chisels--which will be more than enough for any project. I'll use it on a couple projects and see if it meets my needs--if not I'll toss it; but as I am stationary (I never travel w/my chisels), I'm hoping it solves my problem.

Charlie Kocourek
09-11-2009, 9:17 PM
HI Doug,

I like it!!

Keeping the chisels organized while carving is something I really struggle with. Some people have suggested putting a piece of egg crate type foam on the bench to set your tools on to keep them apart, but I have not tried it.