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Chuck Burke
09-13-2004, 7:23 PM
Besides George Perzel and myself, ( and of course Kevin Huffman ) are there any other pinnacle/laserpro users here?
I am having a problem cutting business cards from 3/32 cherry.
I am using CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 12.
I set the paper size to 25x18. I create the "card" on that at a size of 3.25"x 2". I use the corel color palette that came on the pinnacle/laserpro installation cd. The "card" out is hairline and red. The interior text is simply black.
The text engraves, the outline engraves but will not cut. I have been unable to get intouch with tech support and am getting very discourage and quite dissapointed. Anyone have similar problems?

Thank you
Chuck Burke
Pacific LaZer Works

George M. Perzel
09-13-2004, 8:16 PM
Hi Chuck;
You need to set the line width manually (type it in) to .001 inches.
Common problem-good luck
George M. Perzel

Michael Wells
09-13-2004, 9:32 PM
Hi Chuck,

I use the LaserPro Explorer 100 Watt Machine.

I agree with George, check the line size, if that doesn't do it, make certain that it is seeing the correct red by shutting off the automatic color correction in Corel Draw. The only other thing I can think of off hand is to recheck the vector cutting setting for the red line in the corel print driver to make sure it is trying to cut with enough power and low enough speed.
Let us know what you find out, if any of these suggestions work.

Chuck Burke
09-13-2004, 9:36 PM
George, I'm wondering if I have to re-install the driver? I can cut out onesy's, but only the first time. After the first cut out, it does not recognize the vector line. It is very odd.


Chuck Burke
09-13-2004, 10:22 PM
I am relatively new to Corel. Where would I got to turn off color matching and where would I find the vector control?


Michael Wells
09-14-2004, 1:29 AM
If you start Corel Draw 12, click on Tools, Color Management. A screen will pop up. At the lower left of this screen is a Style selection. Pull down the menu and select Color Management Off.
I think you'll find the pen colors on the print driver will work much better.

Also the Pen colors for Red (Vector Color), is usually the second color of pen on your printer driver in CorelDraw. That is what I was referring to. It is the place on the driver where you set the power and speed for the individual line colors. I just meant to recheck those settings to insure that you had them correct. Sometimes if they aren't set the red vector lines won't cut.

I think though, between insuring that you indeed have set the red lines on your drawing to have some width, and turning off the color management, you should be up and cutting in no time! You will have to set all of the line widths for cutting or insure that the default is set to give them some width more than hairline. If they are not all set, it could be why you are only cutting the first vector.

George M. Perzel
09-14-2004, 7:11 AM
Hi Chuck;
Michael has covered just about everything I could think of. Your Corel screen should have a color bar on the right with 16 colors plus an X box at the top and a White box at the bottom. You may also have the standard Corel color bar on the right.-ignore that or turn it off.
Under the Pen tab on the driver are 16 colors and columns to assign Power, Speed, Raster, Vector, and Ramp. Typically the Red color is used as the vector (cutting) color but any can be used. I think you have a 25 watt machine; therefore make sure the Red values are set to:
Power = 100%, Speed = 2%, Raster = off, Vector = On, Ramp = Off. Adjust the speed up or down depending on how it cuts, but doubt you can cut 3/32 cherry faster than 5%.
Above all-DO NOT GET FRUSTRATED!! Everything will become second nature very quickly.
A few other things:
1. Do not change any of the Driver settings except those under "Properties" under the General Tab.
2. Use "Error Diffusion" under the Raster tab for engraving.
3. Once you have a set of settings that work, save them and give them an appropriate name (Cherry3-32) etc. You can then load this setting anytime without having to set up individual parameters all over again.
4. If you use a previous setting (Cherry 3-32) and change any parameter (power, speed, etc.), make sure you check the properties again before you "Print" as sometimes some the properties change back to the default settings -don't know why.
5. System may fail to "print" if part of the drawing is out of the work area. Need to explain: If you have 3 objects on the same Corel drawing and want to engrave them one at a time, move two of them outside the work area and make sure all of the other one is within the work area . Call me and I will explain this better.
Good Luck-call if you need help.

Kevin Huffman
09-14-2004, 9:18 AM
Hey Chuck,

Sorry I couldn't get to you yesterday. I was in Training all day. Rob our new tech was taking calls but the message didn't get to him until after he left.
The color correction problem was a problem for our lasers in the past. Since 9 up until now it hasn't a problem but I guess it is rearing its ugly head back into our laser world.
Let me know if there is anything I can do for you.

Chuck Burke
09-14-2004, 4:37 PM
Thank you for your help. Ultimately Micheal and George had the answer. In exasperation I gave George a call and he patiently walked me through the steps I needed to solve the problem. Ultimately it was the hairline setting, which puzzles me, because it worked once before...but every day is a learing experience and George helped me learn a lot today, THANK YOU George!!!!
George also restored my faith in the Pinnacle/Laserpro system....which was about to go down Intertate 405 on the included casters.

Thanks to everyone for their help.

Chuck Burke
Pacific LaZer Works