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Dmitriy Kumets
08-28-2009, 3:50 PM
Sorry for bringing the topic up again - I assure you that I searched the forum extensively.

I am building an air scrubber for my epilog mini 24 per Dan Hitz' and George Brown's notes and am looking for a solid blower. We currently use an LM508 air purifier unit but the filters for it cost $700 to replace. With acrylic and wood cutting this is just way expensive. They have a "pocket filter" add-on but that's another $800 and it seems like I can build my own system for less and refill charcoal/replace electrostatic and pleated filter for around $150.

My main priorities in an air mover are adequate air flow and current draw at 115v. Noise is next on the list of course.

Looking at the various options people have put up it seems like the Harbor Freight model is not even worth looking at so these are the models I'm considering. I would appreciate any feedback and especially tips on what to be on the lookout for (besides 400cfm at high pressure so 600 cfm minimum)

Penn St
http://www.pennstateind.com/store/DC3XX.html - concerned about 16A current draw but considering

http://www.pennstateind.com/store/DC250SEMB.html - saw the rec but again, the current draw would not leave any room for the laser on the same circuit

- looks like a great efficient motor with lots of air movement. A bit pricy but looks awesome. Does anyone use it?

- Another option?

Random cheap 1 hp blower on amazon

Other options
http://tjernlund.com/ductboost.htm - the m-8 goes for $160 and could be viable but don't know if anyone has tried this type of air mover

Any suggestions or tips?

Marc Myer
08-28-2009, 5:31 PM
I have the Grainger TDT9, or one awfully close to it.
It's been effective, reliable and I have no complaints. Given the choice, I would opt for the belt drive version, as it would probably be superior from a maintenance and performance point of view. Might even be quieter with the rubber belt to isolate the motor from the fan unit.
Plus, changing the pulley diameter could be interesting... :)

Dan Hintz
08-28-2009, 9:10 PM
I would not run a blower of any real size on the same circuit as the laser anyway... motors (brushes particularly) are nasty little buggers in terms of noise on the line. Whenever possible, I even go so far as to make sure the circuit the computer and laser are on is on a different phase than any motors, but I'm close to the electrical panel so I can easily tell what's where.

Bill Cunningham
08-30-2009, 9:49 PM
I think most of the modern blowers are not using brushes.. Induction motors are smaller and have a better power to size ratio.. The only time I would want brushes, is if I had to run on D.C. for some reason..

Jim Beachler
08-31-2009, 11:45 AM
I use something similar to the 19t9. Mine is a bit larger.
I have mine on the outside of the building to reduce the noise level in the shop. I built a shroud over the top of it to keep it from the weather.

I have not had any problems with it and have been using it for over 1.5 years.