View Full Version : LN #4 smoothing plane

John Edwards
03-23-2003, 8:03 PM
I`ve enjoyed ownership of this tool for quite some time now. But I`ve been wondering if any of you have tried new LN`s 50 degree frog bedding angle update?

Tom Scott
03-23-2003, 9:48 PM
I have the L-N 4 1/2 with the HA frog. I've only had it for a few months, so I haven't given it a good workout yet. So far so good, though. As expected, it performs much better on the more difficult woods with wilder grain. For softer woods or nice, straight-grains, I still reach for the standard #4. I don't think I would switch out if that is what you're asking. But, I do think it is a great supplement to add to your arsenal.

Dave Anderson NH
03-24-2003, 5:53 AM
I too have a 4 1/2 LN and purchased the extra 50 degree frog a year and a half ago. I find it quite useful when I run across ornery woods with reversing grain. This morning before I go to work I'm stopping at the post office to pick up my new Clark & Williams 55 degree coffin shaped smoother. I ordered it in January while I was at Colonial Williamsburg and Bill Clark called me last week telling me it would ship on Thursday (last). I figure this should just about cover any type of wood I can run across having planes with 45-50-and 55 degree angles. It's something to consider for down the road.