View Full Version : A Good Saturday!

Randall Clark
08-08-2009, 9:51 PM
Had a church picnic at the park. Rained all day here in Goodells, Michigan (1 hour northeast of Detroit) until about 4pm--the starting time of our picnic. Thankfully we had a fairgrounds exhibit barn in which to hold our picnic.
I slow cooked/smoked 6 Boston Butt/Pork shoulders for 7 hours, pulled them apart with my gloved, burning hands and watering mouth, made a home-made BBQ sauce featuring golden delicious apples, had a myriad of sides that 100 people brought. Most everyone liked the "pulled pork" and no leftovers. I am thankful for pigs who are willing to donate their shoulders for hungry Baptists!
Have a great Sunday! Go to church, open your Bible, and listen to God. He's got to be coming back soon; have you seen what's happenin' in this world?

Brian Kent
08-08-2009, 10:21 PM
Dear Randall,

Sounds like a really good time. Could you send over some of that pulled pork? It's suppertime here in California!

There's a Baptist Church in Ontario California that really enjoys it's potlucks and BBQs. The pastor's motto is "We're the biggest church in Ontario… pound for pound!":D

Enjoy tomorrow and I will too. Sing something loud enough we can hear it out here!

Brian Kent