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Peter Odell
08-08-2009, 8:11 PM
I am looking at a Epilog 36EXT and a LaserPro Sprit GX can anyone tell me which one they would buy and why

James Stokes
08-08-2009, 9:18 PM
No, read the old posts. That same basic question gets asked every week.

John Noell
08-08-2009, 10:03 PM
I am looking at a Epilog 36EXT and a LaserPro Sprit GX can anyone tell me which one they would buy and why
Welcome to the Creek! Sorry if we sound a bit short, but the question as to which laser to buy comes up VERY often. The short answer is that it depends on exactly what you want to do with it and what kind of deal you can get. Both are excellent machines and many people here have one or the other and are very satisfied. Our general advice is worry (a lot) more about your business plan and Corel skills than which brand of laser to buy. :)

Peter Odell
08-08-2009, 10:39 PM
I look aver the forums and I did miss it but as far a the business plan goes got that one covered just want some info from people that was running the machines got about the same deal on either machine with in 400 of each other and you know sales men there machine is always better

Randy Digby
08-08-2009, 11:11 PM
Hi Peter and welcome to the Creek. I've not been here very long, but I found this forum very helpful as I shopped for my first laser. It is not one of the two you are considering, so I can't comment on the attributes of one over the other.

I would suggest that you query your salespersons to get a good understanding and committment of after purchase support. My salesman can log on to my PC remotely and help me through snags and has always been available when I needed a question answered. Of course we have an understanding that I don't cry wolf for every detail. We have worked out a system of communication that lets him know if I have a general question or if I'm dead-in-the-water. We run an at-home business, so my work hours can be almost anytime, so we have an understanding about how late in the evening he will be available.

Good luck on your selection and your learning curve. Our application was to replace three rotary machines and increase the quality of our product, and the laser has allowed us to do that. It has also allowed us to develop new products that are just too difficult to make on a rotary machine.

Brian Robison
08-09-2009, 11:18 AM
Epilog, US made, great tech support.

Keith Outten
08-09-2009, 10:01 PM

Everything you need to know is in this Forum. Don't just ask one question and be satisfied...start reading from page one and heed the advise you are given. Pay particular attention to the threads where people were having problems to see if the manufacturer helped them.

Laser engravers are just machines, what you are purchasing is the company support and if they don't provide the support and parts you "WILL" need you will regret the day you saw their machine.

Larry Bratton
08-10-2009, 7:24 PM
Epilog..hands down.

Dee Gallo
08-10-2009, 7:39 PM
If I were buying my first laser, I would choose the dealer with a good repair guy who is close by. Not that you expect problems, but you should anticipate that something might happen.... You can get a lot of help from this forum, but sometimes you really need a dedicated tech guy.

I chose Epilog and would do it again, but that's based on the great tech support I get and ease of getting replacement parts, NOT based on any bad experience with another brand.

I see other brands that have small differences, different features or snazzier looking cases, but on this forum you will find happy owners of all brands.

cheers, dee

David Harvey
08-10-2009, 8:01 PM
I have 2 Epilogs...and there's No Question here. Epilog all the way for me.

It's not so much the machine, but the service behind it that counts. Both machines have had problems from time-to-time, but they have NEVER been down more that a day or two because of their quick and dedicated technical support.

Epiolog support is simply OUTSTANDING!

Niklas Bjornestal
08-11-2009, 9:37 AM
Buy the one where you feel you'll get the best support since there isn't any big difference between the machines.
I have a laserpro mercury II and is very happy with it.

Mike Null
08-11-2009, 11:55 AM
I believe there is a big difference in machines and that you should do a thorough comparison of features. Brands with a good reputation for good after sale tech support include Epilog, Trotec and ULS.

Randy Walker
08-11-2009, 3:29 PM
I have had my Universal VLS230 about 6 months and am very happy with it. The salesman that I bought it from has been easily available for the few questions that I did not find answers to here at the Creek.http://www.sawmillcreek.org/images/icons/icon14.gif

Ed Lang
08-14-2009, 9:30 AM
I am expecting my second Universal Laser Systems machine next week. I feel I have a good support tech, but I have not had to use him in the past three years I have had my first Universal Laser. I do see a lot of folks commenting on how good the Epilog support is.......

Dave Russell Smith
08-14-2009, 12:38 PM
If you are going to be doing big work and need to use a pass through feature then make sure you see it in action first, don't rely on here say

Rangarajan Saravana kumar
08-14-2009, 1:26 PM

Look after sales support

More the simple instruction More you would handle yourself

More the replacement is easy, More you trust,your machine is on roll

Quicker the reply from geniune tech persons, more quicker you are happy.

I have been with Epilog for 5 years now, hve not seen Peck or Koy, but without them, I would nt have survived... in remote place like us..

Read from start..

Epilog is Best...



Mark Ross
08-14-2009, 3:37 PM
We have an Epilog 36EXT that runs at least 8 hours a day M-F. Epilog hands down, they speekie da Engrish, not Chinglish, they are in my time zone, and I can easily get parts and tech support when needed.

If our machine was down, we'd be toast and we only have the one. So for us it's Epilog.

Steven Wallace
08-14-2009, 3:52 PM
Look at threads here and see how many questions are answered by the factory reps that visit the forum. I have worked on equipment for many years. I have always found that major manufacturers have not gotten to be major players by having a crappy product (they will all have there little differences that you and only you will need to settle on) or crappy after the sale service. I have an Epilog and bought all the machine I could afford at the time. I wish for a bigger machine and when my business takes off, I will more than likely look at Epilog first. Notice I did not say I would buy Epilog because at that time I will reevaluate the products and deals available. Until then I am very very satisfied with my purchase and the service.