View Full Version : laser naugahyde or vinyl covered fabric?

Lynn Kull
09-04-2004, 2:06 PM
Any one know if there is any problem with cutting naugahyde on a laser? Is vinyl covered fabric a PVC product? thanks Lynn

Chuck Burke
09-06-2004, 12:32 AM
I own an upholstery business ( I have been in the upholstery business for 28 years.) Vinyl is a petroleum based Plastic. It is not PVC, ( although some of the mesh type fabric are PVC).
With proper venting you should be able to cut vinyl with a laser, however I suspect that it may melt.
On Tuesday, ( Sept 7th ) I will try some in my Pinnacle 25w laser and let you know what happens. I think that mostly it will smell bad, but it will work. I'll let you know

Chuck Burke
Pacific LaZer Works

Lynn Kull
09-06-2004, 1:00 AM
Thanks Chuck, I am just leary of burning PVC and am not very aware of what all products may be made with it? thanks Lynn

Chuck Burke
09-06-2004, 1:12 AM
You are welcome. I am sure you will be fine, but I will check. The big issue with PVC is that it is toxic when burned, vinyl does not have that problem...but like I said, I will try some in my shop on Tuesday and let you know what I find.


George M. Perzel
09-06-2004, 7:20 AM
Hi Lynn;
Chuck is correct- lasering PVC produce chlorine gas which is toxic. In addition, the chlorine reacts with the moisture in the air to produce hydrochloric acid which is deadly on the laser components-will eat just about anything.