View Full Version : Engraved Glass and Corian Signs

Keith Outten
09-03-2004, 3:22 PM
Below are a few of the laser engraved signs we just finished for the Performing Arts Center at CNU which just opened last week.

The first sign is a small plaque to identify the artist of the bronze eagle statue. The plaque is almond colored Corian, engraved and filled with gold paint.

The second and third signs are 24" by 18" directional signs machined from Pompei Red Corian and gold Laser Max on three point easels we provided.

The forth sign is one of the 1/4" beveled glass signs made using Thermark Bronze engraving material. Sorry but I was unable to get a good photo of the glass signs using the camera flash and there was a huge amount of outside light reflecting from the glass walls at the front of the building. The glass is mounted with a one inch stand-off from the wall using brass mounts that require a 1/2" hole to be drilled in each end. I will be post another thread concerning the Thermark material and provide all the details concerning engraving glass in color.

We have a long way to go in this new facility with another meeting scheduled with our customer Tuesday to discuss additional signage for classrooms and a 1700 seat Theatre that is still under construction.

Graphics design provided by Aaron Koehl...