View Full Version : New Stanley block plane??

Bruce Elliott
03-21-2003, 9:22 PM
Hi folks, well I guess I'm the new kid on the block. I love woodworking and like another posted I have plenty of power tools but love to use my few hand tools. I have an inexpensive block plane but just bought a new Stanley and was wondering how to round off the edges of the blade for finishing work. I did buy the Sharpening video by LV and it is great but does not seem to mention the proceedure for rounding the edges. I also bought a sharpening system by Veritas and was hopeing I could sharpen another inexpensive Sears bench plane that I have had no success with. I guess my questions are elementry but I could use any and all feedback. Regards in advance, and thanks for taking time to read my post, Bruce

Jim Stastny
03-21-2003, 11:36 PM
I just finished watching a video by Ernie Conover on restoring old planes. In it he talks about rounding the edges of the blade. He does it by using one of those jigs that holds the blade at a consistent angle. Then as he sharpens it he will alternate pressure from side to side. He continues until he gets the effect he wants.

Bruce I just noticed that this is your first post, and that you live in Hagerstown. That sort of makes us neighbors. So I guess it's O.K. to say welcome and I hope you find this to be a great place to learn many things relating to WW.

Bruce Elliott
03-22-2003, 7:45 AM
Thanks Jim, yes your are close to Hagerstown. I'm trying to get more info on planes and how to use them. If I may let me share a resource for wood in this area that is really great and the prices are too. You may have heard of it: Hicksville Planing, it's just west of Hag and he stocks lots of domestic and some exotics. The owners name is Robert Miller and the phone # is 301-842-3474. Regards, Bruce