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Barb Macdonald
07-09-2009, 1:44 PM
I allowed my right hand guy access to my laser computer yesterday, and he's managed to make the tool-bar all wonky.
I used to have the "nudge" tool and the duplicate distance too on the tool bar. I know where it is in the settings, but it won't come back up on my tool bar.

He remembers dragging something..

He made some GORGEOUS samples for our aluminum extrusion, by dressing them up with custom shapes, so I can't yell at him.
Well, I don't yell anyway, except at other drivers on the highway...

Off to continue to argue with Corel.

corel x3, epilog legend ext 60watt, bunch of other stuff...

I SHOULD edit my signature, I guess.
Mostly a lurker, anyway.
The combined IQ's on here are astounding:)

Thanks for any & all thoughts, right-click directions, whatever.

yes, I feel like saying "Doh!!"

Garrett Nors
07-09-2009, 2:25 PM

Are you talking about a horizontal tool bar that goes across the top or the bars that are on the right hand side?

If they're on the right hand side they may just be minimized...the names should still be there, you can click them to bring them up.

Good luck!

Mike Null
07-09-2009, 2:58 PM

I suggest you review Roy Brewer's tutorial on how to do this.


George D Gabert
07-09-2009, 3:04 PM
If you are looking for Step and Repeat look under "edit" and check "step and repeat"

If you are looking for transformation look unded "arrange" "transformation" and click on 1 of the options.

That should bring the dockers back up


Barb Macdonald
07-10-2009, 8:16 AM
Thanks, guys..