View Full Version : Unlikely Creeker Meeting

Jesse Espe
07-07-2009, 11:43 PM
So there I was, underway on USS Carl Vinson during her post refueling sea trials. I, along with hundreds of other riders, descended on the Wardroom for dinner, much like a plague of locusts. I finally find an opening at the end of a long table, next to a lone Lieutenant Commander.

We begin to chat about this and that, how I spent many sleepless nights as part of the ship's company not long ago. A quick look at his name tag and I realize that I'm next to the Creek's own Kieth Beck. We had served time on Enterprise together when he was the Ship's Secretary and I was a Division Officer, but that was about 9 years ago, so I didn't recognize him at first. We both lamented about how much time we didn't have in the shop, due to our outrageously busy lives. Unfortunately, as quickly as we met, time was fleeting and we parted ways.

I know, I know - no pics, didn't happen. Lack of pics is due to the enforced "No Camera" policy at Northrup Grumman Shipbuilding, our embarkation point.

Moral of the story: Very small world, esp. in the military. Ya never know who you'll run into.


Ken Fitzgerald
07-07-2009, 11:57 PM
Congrats Jesse!

It is, indeed, a small world. I rode the Chucky V in November of '98 or '99 from San Francisco to Bremerton. Our youngest son was ship's company officer aboard her.

My wife rode the USS Carl Vinson from Pearl Harbor to SD to Bremerton in January 2002 on their return from the Middle East.