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Paul Gallian
06-20-2009, 1:57 AM
I learned that you can be banned from a forum for not breaking any of the forum rules. The problem with this is you have not recourse - NONE- no due process... My son the lawyer laughed at me and said go find a new forum it not worth the hassle. The Civil liberties union has better thing to do. I think that I was blocked because I did not agree with the owner of the forum. The only discussion or dispute was via email not on the forum. "I have had enough of you -- you are now banned" -- Of course I could use a proxy server and not show my real IP address but that is not worth it. I wrote two of the moderator asking what I did wrong and was accused of harassment.

Wish I knew what I did wrong to be banned!! This was a popular turning group and I really enjoyed the informal discussions. I really liked most of the people and tolerated the rest (the know it all). Well life must go on. I am just trying to let go -- part of my process is talk and write about it.
==== I posted this on another forum also === not looking for sympathy just a warning for others -- don't get too attached

Tim Morton
06-20-2009, 8:04 AM
I got banned once from a swimming pool forum, for chiming into a thread where the topic was .."why isn't the owner of the forum shipping product in a timely fashion". He was selling testing kits buy not shipping them out for weeks. I said something the effect of... He still has time to send all his spam email advertising, but can't find the time to respond to my email asking where my product is.

And i was banned....so i went to my work commuter and signed up for a new account...and was able to log into that account from my home.:D

Al Willits
06-20-2009, 8:55 AM
Its the price ya pay to go on some one else's forum, I rarely agree with what mods do on them, but ya have choices, put up with it, start your own forum or go somewhere else.

Ya gotta pick your battles.


Scott Shepherd
06-20-2009, 9:28 AM
Forums are no different than a restaurant. If you complained about the food every time you visited a local restaurant, eventually, they'd refuse you service. I was told not to come back into a retail chain store because I took a defective product back and didn't hit it off with their manager. I bought a compressor from a hobby store and it didn't work out of the box, I took it back and was told that would not replace it. When I asked how that made sense, the told me to not come back into the store.

It happens in real life to people all the time. Just because it's on the internet, it doesn't make it any different.

Mitchell Andrus
06-20-2009, 9:40 AM
If you are relying on a forum so heavily that your income will be affected if they ban you or close down (neither under your control) then you are doing something wrong.

If a forum closed or bans you and it doesn't affect your income... so what? Find another.

I'm sucked into this 'net stuff too, but I see it as a break from the real world, not a necessity, and not 'real'.