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Dave Anderson
03-20-2003, 7:52 PM
First, please don't tell the folks on the power side that I'm visiting over here. ;) And, no, I'm that "other" Dave Anderson from the Left Coast. :cool:

I need help from the quiet side in determining how old these planes are that I inherited from my Grandfather and their relative value.

First is a Stanley block plane. It is all black and the only marking on it is "No. 9-1/4" stamped on the left shoulder. I'm guessing it was made in the 1950's. This is a nice little plane and I use it all the time. I don't think this is any kind of a "treasure" but maybe you folks can tell me.

The other is a Bailey No. 5. It is 2-3/8" wide X 14" long with a 2" wide blade. Were all the Bailey planes made by Stanley? I think this plane is pretty old and it might be a "hidden treasure." The plane says:


This is part of the casting and is "imprinted" right behind the blade.

Should I assume it was made in 1902 or thereabouts? Is this Baily plane of any particular scarcity or value? It's in pretty sad shape and I'm going to restore it.

Thanks for your help.

Jim DeLaney
03-20-2003, 8:47 PM
Your 9 was made between 1947 and 1982. Can't tell much more about it than that.

The Stanley Bailey #5, with two patent dates on the bed, should be a "Type 9" Manufactured between 1902 and 1907.

#5's were made from 1867 pretty much thru until the present, and are probably the most commonly found in the used markets. In super good shape (like new), yours would probably be worth about $75-80, but as a user, it's one of the better examples and should continue to give you and your heirs many more years of good service.