View Full Version : Spending my kids inheritance

John Fricke
06-13-2009, 10:05 PM
and doing our part to jumpstart the economy.

We Bought a new Ford Flex today. Reminds me of a cross between school bus and a hearse. I'm just saying they are not the most stylish vehicle on the road.

But man for a big guy (6'4" 370 lbs) they got leg room. I can stretch my legs straight out in the front passenger seat. (never been in a vehicle I could do that in). With my front seat all the way back my 6'3" 15 yr old son can sit very comfortably directly behind me. It has AWD for my wife who will drive it daily making her visits as a home health care nurse. There are 3 rows of seats and I honestly believe 6 large size adults can ride very comfortably.

Best part is with all of the extra seats folded flat there is a lot of cargo space. I'm hoping to fill some of it with wood blanks on our cross country trip in August.

We felt with the real good incentives available it was the time to buy. I'm leery of interest rates taking off in the near future. The 0% financing is a joke though. We readily qualified for 0% but $5,000 in rebates went away if we took the factory 0%. We also wanted to get into a larger vehicle while they are still readily available. No plug in cracker box for me!

Rick Fisher
06-13-2009, 10:43 PM
I encourage my father to spend our inheritances.. I would rather he lived a full life than left us something.. he is off it Italy and England, doing his thing.. I love it.