View Full Version : Emmert, Oliver, Turtleback

Cliff Rohrabacher
06-13-2009, 12:34 PM
Nice old collector's vices the likes of which any woodworker would be nuts to pass on.

I belong to a list serve where one time a year or so back one fellow posted that he had access to a whole factory in PA with an Emmert on each bench and they were just giving them away. Yes, I asked him if he'd tell me who it was.
He declined saying he didn't want to sully his business relationship by flooding them with vice junkies. I thought that was more than a little mean spirited to make the announcement that there were a slew of 'em going for free and then refuse to divulge who it was. But hey, Se La vie.

That experience got me to thinking:

Can I get the old drawings the engineering specs on any of these.
I've never been in the same room with one. So I can't quite say how they work such that they can tilt a whirl all over the place clamp stock that's cut in goofy angles and still hold snug and wobble free under the force of work.

That's a mouthful just saying it so, engineering the thing has gotta be something.

Any one ever run across the drawings?