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Lynn Kull
08-19-2004, 12:20 AM
I need to take my Versalaser on the road in a few weeks to a craft fair. I will be indoors but need to come up with a more portable blower for venting. I see Penn State has a 1.5 hp protable unit for about $179. Just wondering If anyone has used any other units or other ideas? thanks Lynn

Shaddy Dedmore
08-19-2004, 12:51 AM
I went grizzly (http://www.grizzly.com/products/item.cfm?itemnumber=G1163) for a dust collector ($140, then add shipping)

But if you're talking indoor, you might be needing a more expensive filtration unit (that I know nothing about).

08-19-2004, 7:59 AM
Hi Lynne,

I have the Penn state and it works great! But, as Shaddy mentioned, you will need some kind of filtration depending on what you plan on engraving.

Also, don't forget the noise factor...


Kevin Huffman
08-19-2004, 9:28 AM
Hello Lynn,

We currently sell the grizzly blower (different type) with our lasers. They work awsomely but are a little on the noisey side. They are a very cost effective way to evacuate the fumes from your laser.


Lynn Kull
08-19-2004, 9:43 AM
Thanks guys, I will be indoors but should be able to have the blower outside and snake the hose out the door. Lynn

Michael Wells
08-19-2004, 5:25 PM
Hi Lynne,
I use the Penn State too, because it is really powerful and inexpensive comparitively speaking. What you can do though, is take extra hose for the intake side, and place the blower outside if that is possible...that's what I do, and it eliminates the noise and filtering problems.

I have a container that is weatherproof that I rigged it up in at the shop so that I can just stay out side.