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Doug Griffith
06-03-2009, 8:46 PM
I was in a meeting at D....y I..........G (signed an NDA) today and on the phone with Cyro about custom colored acrylic sheet. The minimum run for cast is app. 2000 pounds. The minimum run for extruded is app. 15000 pounds. So if anyone is thinking about custom colors, make sure your wallet is nice and fat.

At another location, I also saw something that amazed me. A white film, that when projected onto, flips the image when seen from the backside. So text is right reading on both sides. The film is probably only .005" thick. I'm guessing the projector projects 2 images at different wavelengths and the front picks up one and the back picks up the other. If anyone has another idea how it works, I'd be interested to know.

That's it.


Dan Hintz
06-03-2009, 9:06 PM
I would think a form of lenticular array with a 50/50 transmission/reflection ratio would do the job, though it's probably a special order unless some company I've never seen to date has it off the shelf. A standard lens will flip an image, so combine that with a 50/50 coating and you have what you've described.

I believe Microsoft used a multiplexed LCD projector in their SecondLight project, similar to those 3D systems that use LCD shuttered glasses. This is an active system, and therefore not what you have seen.

I am also aware of a third method, though I am reserving mention of the exact method due to the fact that I have not finished my patent paper on it.