View Full Version : Cutting Board Hollowed Out with CNC

Rob Wright
05-27-2009, 5:56 PM
Finished a small cutting board last weekend that was put together with sliding Dovetails. I created the dish and handles in Vectric's Aspire and cut them on my Joe's 4x4 Hybrid homebuilt. I used a 1/4" ball nose to rough it at 20% stepover at 250ipm in X raster, and finished with a 1/16" tapered ball nose at 225 ipm at 5% stepover, X raster again. Aspire sure makes things easier!
Finish required little sanding. I have to fill a few voids in the glue lines with thickened epoxy and then sand and mineral oil it.

Thanks for looking!

Everything's more fun with CNC!:)

james mcgrew
05-27-2009, 6:32 PM
now that is cool!! i hope you will show it on vectric as well!!