View Full Version : WinFax Pro and DSL Question.

Joe Tonich
08-15-2004, 3:35 PM
OK, another Fax Question. I couldn't get the Fax to work on the computer, and I found WinFax Pro. Installed it and was able to do a multi-paged Fax. Only problem is I cannot send it. I don't have a long distance carrier on my home phone as I have free L/D on my Cell phone. I cannot figure out how to set it up to E-Mail my Fax. :confused: It says the name & password is wrong to get to my mailbox to send it. Is it because of the DSL, or me? Any help would definitely be appreciated.



Jim Becker
08-15-2004, 8:24 PM
Joe, depending on how your ISP is set up, you may need the ability to add more than just your name and password to the program. Some ISPs require additional authentication and/or other settings to gain access to the email system. You may need to talk to the WinFAX Pro folks to get help with setting things up properly.

Michael Perata
08-16-2004, 3:15 AM

I am assuming you have a POTS phone in your house and a modem.

If so then all you need to do to fax long distance is 1010220 1 (123) 555-1234. (You can use any of the long distance carriers)

I took long distance off my DSL phone line because I kept getting dialers downloaded. Now if I want to fax, I just dial in the extra numbers.