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Michael Simpson Virgina
05-12-2009, 7:16 PM
I recieved my laser on the 11th and have been using it with the 64-bit driver. It works just fine. I have saved a few settings and would like to access them. Does anyone know how to do this. I suspect they need to be in a particular directory.

On the 32-bit version its in the Documents\epilog\engraving_setting. You can even change it.

This does not seem to be the case with the 64-bit driver. Unless I can get this to work it sets me back as I will have to go back to square one again.

I though about loading the settings up in the 32-bit driver but it wont read them. Does not look like the settings files are compatible with one another which is a real bummer.

Scott Shepherd
05-12-2009, 7:39 PM
Michael, search for the 64 bit driver in the search. I think it was discussed where they go.

All else fails, call tech support, it's free and they are still there.

Peck Sidara
05-12-2009, 8:21 PM
Hi Mike,

I'm at home and don't have access to the 64bit laptop we use at the office so the following notes are drawn from memory.

Data files: Data files between the 32bit and 64bit are not compatible. They're written in a different language/data/string of information so we are unable to convert up or down.

32bit data files: The default folder is my docs/epilog/engraving settings, you should save and pull from this folder only. I think you can save to any folder but can only pull from the specified directory.

64bit data files: If I remember correctly, you can save and pull from any directory (I recall pulling data files from the desktop on the 64bit Laptop before).

So if you created 64bit data files to any random folder, you should be able to pull them up thru the 64bit driver as long as you remember the path.

If you created 32bit data files on another PC and are trying to load them up on the 64bit PC, it won't work.

HTH MIke. Tech support will be available at 8AM your time, I'm in the office at 9:30AM your time.

Michael Simpson Virgina
05-12-2009, 8:31 PM
I have several 64-bit data files but there does not seem to be a way to pull them in. Unlike the 32-bit driver there is not option for pointing to a directory.

Also you guys really should write a little utility to convert one format to the other or at the very least display the settings. You are going to get more and more people moving to 64-bits.

Doug Griffith
05-12-2009, 9:23 PM
I think future driver versions should save data files as XML. This way the data will be easily parsable and compatible with next generation driver versions and third party apps should they pop up.


Peck Sidara
05-12-2009, 9:47 PM

I'm going to take a stab at it and guess that you're not seeing the function "load" in one of the drop down buttons. It's there, use the arrows to the right and click down. There should be a load and save function.

Don't have a screen shot in front of me so I don't know which drop down menu it's under but there's only 2-3. I think it's on the front page.

We offer a utility feature to upgrade 32bit data files to newer 32bit data files when there's a significant change to the driver/new release. Unfortunately a 32bit to 64bit converter isn't available. It's been brought up in the past (search Vista drivers or 64bit) and I have forwarded to our engineering team as a request.

Michael Simpson Virgina
05-12-2009, 11:06 PM
Thanks Peck. That was it. I moved it down a little and hit load and there they were.

I do like the 64bit driver more than the 32bit because its more windows and less cartoon like. Just seems more professional.

I take it there are no "recommended settings" for the 64bit driver yet. Also you dont have any 50W recommendations so I have been using the 60W and they seem to be working fine.

Peck Sidara
05-13-2009, 10:11 AM

In the 32bit driver, you have the option of using the new or traditional UI. If the traditional is preferrred, you can default the driver to open as traditional, specific page size, resolution, auto focus etc.

I'm the lucky guy who just volunteered to create the 64bit data files. The settings we'll use are based on the owners manual settings. Expect these up on the site within a couple of weeks.

Using 60W recommended settings on your 50W = Super Hot 50W.

Tim Bateson
05-13-2009, 10:23 AM
I'm loading the new Windows 7 RC (64bit) now, so this is great timing. Thanks, Peck You're the man!

Michael Simpson Virgina
05-13-2009, 4:27 PM
I just installed Windows 7 RC and its going to be a hit. It runs very good on low end machines. I installed it on a Atom 1.6Ghz with 1Gig ram and it was very nice. I did some corel editing and lasered with epilog driver using USB. I can not get the driver to work in network mode on this OS.

If you have a very fast machine you probably wont notice much at all. On my Quad 4Gz and Dual 3Gz systems I will probably keep them on vista. But all my small low end netbooks and and robot computers they will get the windows 7 update.