View Full Version : Egg-cellent

George M. Perzel
08-06-2004, 8:35 AM
I continue to be amazed at what creative people can do with the laser. I'm a kind of hard-boiled guy and often gets egg on my face from some of my scrambled ideas, but there's a sunny side to everything. Check these out:

Gary Shoemake
08-06-2004, 9:03 AM

Those egg amples are awesome. You can have your eggs and eat them too. What kind of settings did you use?


George M. Perzel
08-06-2004, 9:16 AM
I didn't do these-someone sent the pics to me. I think these were cut from ostrich eggs. I have tried a few chicken eggs and had good cutting results with 100% power and 10% speed on a 60 watt laser. Still havent figured how to cut the relief patterns and suspect they may have been done with a high speed engraving tool.