View Full Version : From a Newbie, This is a great site!

Lynn Kull
08-05-2004, 12:14 PM
Just ran across this site and have spent the last hour here while I have lots to do! Just wanted to say this is a great site and very informative, not a lot of info out there about such a specialized field. Thanks all for sharing.

I am a former I/T guy, got downsized a couple years ago and am now working out my home combining my skills in woodworking, and computers. I got a laser last year and bacame a dealer for ULS's Versalaser and also Photograv.

Thanks for the great info and tips, hopefully I can provide some useful input. Lynn

David Wilson
08-05-2004, 12:29 PM
Welcome aboard Lynn
We all love pictures

Roger Fitzsimonds
08-05-2004, 1:09 PM
Welcome Lynn,

This is a great place to hang out.Visit often and stay long.


Ken Fitzgerald
08-05-2004, 3:29 PM
Welcome Lynn! Jump in....the water's fine here at the 'Creek. Lots neat folks from pros to beginners....never afraid to ask for or give advice or opinions! Again....Welcome!

Dick Parr
08-05-2004, 4:50 PM
Welcome to the Creek Lynn.

Tyler Howell
08-05-2004, 5:23 PM
Welcome Lynn,

You Luke Sky Walker types with your light saber machines kinda scare me:eek: but I'll adapt.
Nice web sights. You got the important part down with bringing pix or a place to find them.
Great folk here.;)

Aaron Koehl
08-06-2004, 9:54 PM
Why, thank you!! All of our members make it a great community, and welcome!