View Full Version : Ryobi 10" Table saw BTS16

Craig D Peltier
04-24-2009, 9:55 PM
Anyone own one? I have the BTS10 which is the cheapest one , I use on jobsites. Its very loud , very jumpy on start up and the fence seems to be made by fisher price. So im looking for a upgrade. I was at the borg today an seen the BTS16 for 199. It has a 30" right rip capacity which I really like.
The next widest they had was 16 by dewalt I think but that saw is like 400 i think.I understand the quality is better but the rip capacity isnt enough.
I think the BTS16 has a pop up type stand with a basg under it too , correct me of im wrong please.

So is it any good? Not a total waste of money.


Loren Hedahl
04-24-2009, 10:14 PM
I was able to acquire a display close-out DeWalt 745 for $250. It is also quite loud because of its universal motor.

On the plus side, it is small, lightweight, has a port to hook a vac up for dust collection and quite powerful. It also has a very smooth, accurate rip fence.

Being able to position the fence 30 inches from the blade is of no interest to me as I don't use it for cutting down sheet goods. The job I bought it for was narrow ripping. It works great for that.

Of the bench top saws, I would expect the Bosch and the DeWalt 744 to be the best, with the Ridgid down a notch, since their prices reflect that. Recently Home Depot has introduced a smaller Ridgid bench top saw for not much more than the Ryobi. Had it been available when I bought my decision might have gone to the new Ridgid.