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Mike Stanton
07-30-2004, 10:44 PM
I just updated my computer from 1800 amd chip to a 2700 chip. Then I changed memory from 2100 to 3200 two 512 chips . Great better now. Mike

Michael Ballent
07-31-2004, 4:02 AM
Not sure what a 2100 to 3200 is but you have a bunch of memory but you can always add more :D ... As an fyi in the future, unless you have a REALLY slow computer (as in processor) your best bang for the buck is a memory upgrade espcially if you are running Windows XP. XP will actually utilize all the memory you give it unlike Windows 95/98 or heaven forbid Windows Me.

Just trying to help out a fellow WW to save their $$ so they can purchase dust producing toys ;)

Don Abele
07-31-2004, 12:31 PM
Mike, excellent upgrade. I build systems as a hobby and only use AMD chips. I am just finishing upgrading LOML and my systems from 2000+ to 3000+. That's a jump from a 1.67 GHz to 2.1. I also added another 512 Mb of PC2700/333 memory. I did not go to PC3000/400 because there are not a lot of motherboards out there (mine included) that will run the memory that fast. Besides, I always try to match the memory with the front side bus (FSB). In this case, the AMD 3000+ is 333. What Michael says is a very important point. Adding more memory will give you more bang for your buck than increasing the processor speed.

Mike Stanton
07-31-2004, 1:26 PM
my chip is runing at 2.16 now.I have a board that I bought that was bad so I took it back and they sent me a new one it is a msi same as the other one It is a nvidia n force platform .They both will run 3200 memory. The k7n2g will only suport a 2700 chip. I wanted to have the chip to instal into the that board if the other one went bad.They are 333mhz Mike

Kevin Arceneaux
08-02-2004, 4:51 PM
I finally made the move a couple of weeks ago to AMD from Intel. I went from a P5 1500 to teh AMD 2800. Very nice. I picked up the fps in my simulator by 185% with the same slider settings and 50% with all the sliders maxed. I'd like to add another stick of PC3200 RAm and then I will be happy - at least for a month or two. :)