View Full Version : Advice on transferring profile on swim platform and attachment

Lincoln Myers
04-10-2009, 2:48 PM
I posted this on a boat forum I used to frequent, but surprisingly didn't get any reponse. I know there are a few boaters on The Creek, and some of the needed advice transfers from woodworking, so...

I acquired a very nice fiberglass swim platform including undermount stainless 3 step ladder last year for about $300. This platform was custom made for a Sea Ray 180 (open bow fiberglass boat) by a well known aftermarket swim platform company. I own a Rinker 180 (open bow fiberglass boat) and am looking for advice on best way to adapt the 'profile' of the platform to match the contours of my stern.

The amount of $ a couple local fiberglass places wanted to charge was really high but only b/c of the time involved, not the complexity.

I'm looking for suggestions on any/all of the following:

1. How to accurately trace the contour of my stern onto the leading edge of the platform.

2. How to cleanly and accurately cut this profile on the edge of the platform.

3. How to paint or otherwise seal the newly cut edge of the platform.

4. Best way to drill/screw/seal the holes to attach platform to my hull. I believe I won't have access to through bolt on the bottom of the stanless brackets.

The attached pictures show a similar swim platform already attached to a Sea Ray 180 and the other picture is my boat's stern. I will be mounting the platform just below the rubrail.

Thanks in advance for any input you can provide.