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Angus Hines
04-09-2009, 2:31 PM
It's been stuck in my head all day long so I thought I'd share the theme song from the show. Now maybe I wont be the only one walking around singing it outloud.

"It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood wont you be my neighbor."

Eric DeSilva
04-09-2009, 4:03 PM
As inane as the song is, it is wired into a lot of us. I think my favorite story about him was this:

Most people have heard of Koko, the Stanford-educated gorilla who could speak about 1000 words in American Sign Language, and understand about 2000 in English. What most people don’t know, however, is that Koko was an avid Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood fan. As Esquire reported, when Fred Rogers took a trip out to meet Koko for his show, not only did she immediately wrap her arms around him and embrace him, she did what she’d always seen him do onscreen: she proceeded to take his shoes off!

I've also read that his car got stolen once, and once the thieves found out whose car they stole, they returned it to the exact same place with a note to the effect they never would have done it if they knew it was his.

David G Baker
04-09-2009, 4:50 PM
I missed that time period but once in a while I have "Its Howdy Dowdy Time...Its Howdy Dowdy time... its time to start the show so kids lets go" floating around in my head.

Jim O'Dell
04-09-2009, 4:57 PM
There is a note I received as an email a year or so ago about Mr Rogers and Capt. Kangaroo. It went on to say that Mr. Rogers was a sniper in the military, and a good one. When he got out, he had a huge change in his beliefs, and went into broadcasting. His gig as Mr Rogers came after that. The email also said that the reason he always wore long sleeves on the show was because of all the tattoos he had on his arm, and he would not display them in public. Don't know if it is true or not. Anyone know? Jim.

Frank Trinkle
04-09-2009, 5:01 PM
Actually, Mr Rogers is/was an ordained minister. Don't know about his military history.

Having said that... I'm ticked off that someone posted this, because that damn tune is now going to be rattling around in my brain for the next couple of days! Grrrrrr:mad: :D

Brian Kent
04-09-2009, 5:10 PM
It wasn't true, but was one great urban legend for awhile.


Jim O'Dell
04-09-2009, 7:34 PM
Thanks Brian! I always wondered about that story. That's why I hoped someone knew the truth. Makes me think the one about Capt Kangaroo is false also. Jim.

Brian Kent
04-09-2009, 7:51 PM
This one?


Joe Pelonio
04-09-2009, 8:56 PM
May they rest in peace. http://www.sawmillcreek.org/http://forums.bonsaisite.com/style_emoticons/default/bishop.gif

Belinda Williamson
04-10-2009, 7:05 AM
Jim, Brian beat me to it. Here's a link to an article that lists a few facts about his life if you're interested.

I loved to watch Mr. Rogers and the theme song pops into my head fairly frequently. Two other songs that seem to get stuck are the Fat Albert theme, and the Addams Family theme. Maybe one of those can replace the Neighborhood song Angus.

Angus Hines
04-10-2009, 12:17 PM
Doodlea dut doodlea dut snap snap The Addams Family snap snap


Tyler Howell
04-10-2009, 2:26 PM
Mr Rogers was kind of a wimp by my 20 something standards but he had a wonderful effect on the kids.
He was always on the tube at our house.

Phyllis Meyer
04-10-2009, 3:06 PM
"Oh I wish I was an Oscar Mayer weiner...that is what I'd truly like to be...eeee, and if I were an Oscar Mayer weiner...everyone would be in love with me"

How about this one..."fat kids, skinny kids, even kids on rocks, tough kids, sissy kids, even kids with chicken pox love hot dogs...Armor Hot Dogs...the dogs kids love to bite"

Phyllis:) Oh the songs running through my head...who started this?

Phyllis Meyer
04-11-2009, 9:22 AM
"Here comes Peter Cottontail...hoppin down the bunny trail"

Woke up with the hot dog songs in my head...


Gene Howe
04-11-2009, 9:37 AM
"Happy trails to you......"
"Zippity Doo Dah, Zippity A. My oh my, what a wonderful day"
I guess the latter was from a movie, though, huh?:)

Angus Hines
04-11-2009, 9:46 AM
It dosnt matter Gene as long as it gets stuck in your head for the day its a good tune.

"Mr. Bluebird sitting on my shoulder"

"Happy trails to you......"
"Zippity Doo Dah, Zippity A. My oh my, what a wonderful day"
I guess the latter was from a movie, though, huh?:)