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Lance Norris
04-04-2009, 2:01 PM
I have an IBM Think Pad running Windows XP, service pack 3. I have a program on my computer called Transflo Now that I use to scan and send trip documents to my trucking company, so I can get paid. For this program to send the documents, you must have the administrators rights enabled. After I "transflo" my paperwork and get confirmation that the documents were sent and received, I shut down my computer(hibernate) and the next time I go to use this program, it wont transmit the documents. If I restart my computer, everything works fine again. In the help section for this program, it says that if you are having problems sending documents, its most likely because the administrators rights are not enabled. For some reason, when I hibernate, or stand by, my computer, it stops the Transflo program from transmitting the documents until I restart the computer. Anybody have an idea what I can do to stop this from happeneing?

Brad Wood
04-05-2009, 10:24 AM
that sounds weird. If you are supposed to be an admin, and the program works properly when you first start up, then your user is in the admin group.

I would try reinstalling the program as a first step

you could just stop putting your laptop to sleep and just turn in off :rolleyes: