View Full Version : Rent to roll

Dave Lehnert
04-03-2009, 8:37 PM
We have a place close to work that rents to own car rims:eek: Just like the rent to own tv's etc.. Thats all they rent is car rims. Seems to do very well.

Is this common in other towns?

Jim Becker
04-03-2009, 8:45 PM
Well, it sounds like they likely cater to folks who can't get rims via any other credit means. But no...'never seen anything like that before!

John Shuk
04-03-2009, 8:47 PM
These type places are usually in the poorest sections of town. Never heard of such a thing.

Dave Lehnert
04-03-2009, 9:12 PM
rnrwheels (dot) com/

Jim O'Dell
04-03-2009, 9:12 PM
There used to be a place not to far from us, that rents tires. I believe they also had wheels. Not in a bad part of town, but not far from the end of the airbase runway either. Not sure who they cater to or if they are still there. Since I work the other direction these days, I rarely get down that hwy. Jim.