View Full Version : John Henry versus the steam drill

John Wadsworth
03-18-2003, 6:24 PM
Recently had a whole bunch of edge banding to do on 3/4" birch ply--no machine, just used an old traveling iron to press the tape on. Then came the question: how to trim the pesky little overhang? A friend came over with his handy-dandy laminate trimmer--the miniature electric router gadget. While he was setting up and then scaring me half to death with the screaming whine and the teetering on top of a 3/4" edge, I got out a sharp block plane and made enough itty bitty shavings to finish two to his one, then ran a little chamfer on the edge of mine and his with one or two more passes.

I'm no neander purist, but why does anyone use one of those things?

John Sanford
03-19-2003, 12:34 PM
scaring me half to death

I think you answered your own question. :D