View Full Version : what is it with ebay lately?

Tim Morton
04-01-2009, 7:13 PM
In the past 2 weeks i have made 2 rather safe purchases and they both turned out to be defective products. And both were advertized as MINT and Like New. One was a verizon cell phone for my daughter and the buttons flat out just didn't work.

Then i bought a coffee pot that i needed for work..it was a $100 pot that was "used once" but was being sold as ALMOST new...it arrives and looks OK, i throw in some water to run thru the system....and water starts gushing out from where the level indicator is....

I know times are getting tough...but lets not start selling our own garbage folks:mad::mad::mad:

scott spencer
04-01-2009, 7:28 PM
Funny - I had my first problem with an Ebay item just last week. Bought a used surround sound receiver for ~ $40 shipped. The seller assured me that it worked. It was packaged poorly and sustained an impact in transit, and isn't working properly any more. :rolleyes:

Come to think of it, I also bought a Record plane on Ebay a couple of weeks ago that arrived with a broken tote....also obviously sustained in transit because it was intact in the pic, and listed by a reputable seller. Fortunately it was an easy fix that I can barely notice now.

Luck of the draw I guess...

Steve Clardy
04-01-2009, 8:43 PM
Never had any bad issues with sellers. If I had a problem, sellers have always been good to work with resolving the problem.

But....I really hate the new My ebay pages.

Matt Ranum
04-01-2009, 10:37 PM
So far I've been lucky but for all you that ship stuff, speaking as someone who worked for an overnight delivery company for a while when you think you have it packaged pretty good ..... do it some more. I was shocked my first night in the warehouse waiting for my trailer to finish getting loaded and witnessed packages being thrown, not tossed a couple feet.........I'm talking overhand thrown for being on the wrong track. When I brought it up I was basically told not to worry about it. All the companies warehouses didn't operate like that but it probably doesn't matter which company it is either I'm sure they all have issues like that.

That was a eye opening experience for me.